How To Be A Successful Divorced Dad

Women and children are the ones who are usually viewed from the standpoint of divorce, but divorced dad are also impacted significantly by the process. Divorce can be traumatic for fathers who are experiencing grief or loneliness. Most fathers tend to fear losing their children more than mothers as they feel unsupported during the divorce process. 

The fact that they are unable to live with their children after a divorce can be a devastating experience for many non-custodial parents. An informed divorced dad can succeed in the transition if he knows what to expect. There are some common approaches and attitudes shared by fathers who manage the situation effectively. 

These are five tips that a divorced dad should keep in mind during this difficult time.


1) Keep In Touch With Your Children

There are times when you cannot live near the other parent of your child because of your job. The distance can strain relationships between parents and their kids. There is the possibility that absence can breed bad feelings, not always making the heart grow fonder. Make sure to establish some routines and find creative ways to stay connected from afar to limit the likelihood that distance negatively impacts your relationship with your kids.

The following are some ways to stay in touch with your children:

  1. Send Gifts: Kids love getting things in the mail. Send them gifts packages with comforting foods, books, and stuffed animals when they are feeling ill. Also, don’t forget to send them gifts on special occasions.
  2. Surprises: Send flowers on the opening night of the school play, or balloons on the day of a big game, or order pizza for them during exam week. Include a note to tell them how proud you are of them.
  3. Video Conference: Kids of all ages need to be able to see your face and hear your voice. Try contacting them via video calls on a regular basis. Collect funny TikToks and memes to share with them, read a book to them, and ask for their weekly stories.


2) Make the Most of Your Parenting Time

Kids find it difficult to travel between households. Keeping your kids on a predictable and consistent parenting schedule early on will teach them that they can count on you. Have fun with your kids when they’re with you, but remember to keep things as normal as possible while they’re with you. 

Establishing a routine for bedtime, supporting their homework, and allowing them to handle their room maintenance can make them feel like your home is also theirs. It is perfectly okay for you to treat them to special things while they are with you, as well. It’s important for a divorced dad to keep in mind that parenting time is a responsibility that the courts take seriously. It is a violation of the order if you skip parenting time or otherwise don’t follow the plan.


3) Make Joint Custody Work

Joint physical custody (also known as shared physical custody, shared residential custody, shared parenting time, etc.) means your child spends substantial time with both parents, and both parents are equally responsible for physically raising the child.

Joint or shared physical custody works well when:

  1. Children’s best interests are considered by their parents.
  2. Together, parents are able to make decisions fairly well and cooperate well.
  3. A joint arrangement is logistically feasible since parents live relatively close to each other.
  4. Each parent wants to be very involved in raising their child.
  5. Kidnapping, domestic violence, or child abuse are not a problem.


4) Stay Connected 

Being a divorced dad maintaining your relationship with your kids becomes a bit more challenging. Spending time with your children is easier when you live close to the home of the custodial parent. 

Keeping up with children geographically can sometimes be challenging for a divorced dad due to work or other circumstances. If possible, stay nearby so that your children can feel connected to you even when you are not there.


5) Develop A Parenting Plan

If a divorced dad shares custody with the other parent of their children, he should have a parenting plan. In defining responsibilities and relationships, parenting plans create an excellent framework that can prevent conflicts later on. A divorce proceeding that involves children may include approving and enforcing parenting time plans. Parenting time plans will be examined by the court based on what is best for the child.

As part of your parenting plan, you and your child’s other parent will stipulate when and where each of you will have your children. Parenting plans usually include the following:

  1. Schedule for the holiday rotation
  2. In whose hands does transportation rest?
  3. Parents’ access to their children when they are not with them
  4. During what days and weeks will the noncustodial parent have the children


Divorced Dad Rights With Hussain Law

Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining and extremely unpredictable. Protect your divorced dad rights with the right lawyer who can provide you with family law solutions tailored to you.

At Hussain Law, we focus on helping our clients navigate the emotional and financial challenges of separation and divorce. Our office remains fully operational, and we have implemented various new procedures that allow us to continue to advise clients seamlessly during this time. 

If you have a family law issue or want to protect divorced dad rights please contact Ayesha Hussain at 647-428-3919.

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