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How Do I Confirm The Separation Date?

How Do I Confirm The Separation Date?

You and your partner/spouse have decided to separate but are not ready to go through the whole cycle of divorce. Is there a document or a form that should be filled out to confirm the separation date?

The answer is No.

In Ontario there is no special form dedicated to confirming the separation date. You can enter into a separation agreement, a written contract between you and your partner to live apart on certain terms and conditions, but it is not a requirement.

If you and your spouse/partner have not discussed separation, then how do you know you have separated? For some, the definition of living separate and apart usually means they have separated. The term separate does not require the parties to live in different homes, but it does require them to be living in separate bedrooms and have d.

While there is no form to confirm the separation date, it is an important date to remember for three reasons:

  1. The separation date is used to determine the equalization of property;
  2. You can obtain a divorce after one year of being separated;
  3. The separation date is used to determine the date from which child/spousal support is owed.

The dissolution of a marriage is often a difficult thing and it may be hard to tell when things were over. You need to be aware of the separation date, because it will affect aspects of the divorce, as well as being the start to your new life.