Parenting During Christmas Break: How To Avoid Conflict

Christmas break is a time when many parents need to juggle their work and family obligations. In some cases, this may mean spending more time with the kids and in others, it may mean spending more time at work. It is important for parents to plan ahead how they want to spend their time during the holidays. Making the most of their time with their kids and keeping up with their work responsibilities will allow them to enjoy more time with them.

Additionally, it is difficult to avoid conflict among parents during the Christmas break. It is important for parents to balance their children’s needs while they are away from them for a short period of time. 


The following are some tips that parents can use to avoid conflict during the Christmas break:

1) Set Clear Expectations and Routines

As a parent, it is important to communicate clearly before the Christmas break begins so that they are aware of what they can expect during this time. A good example to illustrate this is establishing bedtimes, chores, and screen time limits for children’s and parenting schedules.

Furthermore, establishing routines during the Christmas break can help your children feel secure and can prevent conflict. It can also be helpful to keep a routine by participating in family activities and games.


2) Be Respectful Of Your Co-parent

The holidays are usually celebrated with extended family around Boxing Day, so some parents prefer to have the children on that day. In some cases, parents prefer having their children on Christmas Eve so they can attend mass with their extended families. It may be best to plan your holiday schedule in accordance with maintaining these traditions if both parties are aware of these traditions and how they are likely to benefit the children. 

In order to plan the holidays together with your extended family, it is also important for both parents to be open and honest with one another about the anticipated dates if there are any.


3) Spend Quality Time Together

During Christmas break, it’s all about spending quality time with your friends and family and making memories together. Take the time to plan how you will spend the time that you have together. Consider including activities that everyone will enjoy, such as going to the movies, playing board games, or baking holiday goodies, to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

If possible, surround yourself with friends and family during this time. The holiday season offers many opportunities for living in the moment and enjoying your loved ones and your children.


Why Should You Choose Hussain Law?

You can find it challenging to establish a parenting schedule and routines during the Christmas break, particularly if this is your first year as a parent separated or divorced after a long marriage or relationship. In order to make the holidays enjoyable and stress-free for the children, it is important to remain calm and level-headed. Speaking with an experienced family lawyer is helpful if you’re having trouble figuring out the schedule for the holidays.

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from Hussain Law! 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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