4 Essentials To Know About Divorce In Ontario

There are a lot of things involved in a divorce, such as the detailed procedure of the process, and the legal requirements of the government, as well as the tedious paperwork involved in for a divorce in Ontario, which can be draining and stressful.

When you know what to expect before a divorce begins, you may have an easier time getting through it. You can find 5 helpful tips in the following article to help you through this difficult time of divorce in Ontario.


1) Identify The Reasons Behind Divorce

In the eyes of the law, a marriage is considered broken if at least one of the following conditions are met:

  1. There has been one year of living apart between you and your spouse, and you consider your marriage over.
  2. Your spouse has committed adultery and you have not forgiven your spouse.
  3. Physically or mentally abusive behavior has been directed at you by your spouse, making living together an unbearable experience for you.

In Canada, divorce matters are governed by the Divorce Act. Divorce law does not apply to you if you are not legally married to the person you are divorcing.


2) Think Before Making Important Decisions

In the course of a divorce in Ontario, many life-changing decisions need to be made. For instance, you might have to decide whether you are going to sell the family home in order to meet your financial needs. Don’t be tempted to make a quick decision just to get the case over with in order to get it over with quickly. It’s imperative that you think about the consequences of your decisions before you make any important decisions.


3) Learn How To Apply For Divorce in Ontario

In terms of filing for divorce, you should hire an experienced divorce lawyer, but at the same time you should also know the basics of the process. To assist you with the divorce process, we have written a simple divorce checklist we hope will help you get started and keep you on track. The following steps must be taken to apply for a divorce in Canada:

  1. Legally married in Canada or another country.
  2. Having a permanent separation plan from your spouse and believing there is no chance you will reunite.
  3. Do not intend to reunite with your spouse after leaving them already. 
  4. The applicant must have lived in the Canadian province or territory for at least one year before filing for divorce.


4) Choose The Right Divorce Lawyer In Ontario

The most important thing you should keep in mind when choosing the right divorce lawyer in Ontario is that you will be discussing very real changes that will have a huge impact on your life post-divorce. Choosing the right divorce lawyer who has experience matters greatly, because you will have a significant impact on whether you are able to share custody of your children or not. Depending on how well-prepared you are, it could make all the difference in your ability to live independently after your divorce. 

There is no doubt that the outcome of your divorce depends heavily on the experience and knowledge of your divorce lawyer. You should therefore research the lawyer you wish to appoint for your case before you retain him or her, look around, and spend some time looking for the right lawyer before you hire him or her. For divorce in Ontario, It is important that you choose someone who specializes in divorce law and knows what they are doing.


Contact Hussain Law for Divorce in Ontario

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