If you are currently deciding if divorce is the right choice for your family, you have probably been asking yourself a lot of questions about the process. Some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce mention family mediation. Is mediation right for me? At what stage should I try it? Is it even worth my time?

The purpose of family mediation is to prevent disputes, reach settlements, and help parties maintain ongoing relationships where agreements can be found. It is a non-binding procedure, meaning that no party is obligated to continue with the process after deciding to stop. Settlements are concluded when both individuals agree to accept them, as mediators do not impose decisions on parties. Mediation is a confidential procedure that allows parties to have full control over the process and the outcomes that follow.

In this article we go over some of the advantages of mediation so you can decide if it is the right step for you.

Get A Neutral Opinion

The job of the mediator is to be a neutral point of reference to both parties while they negotiate and come to agreement. These are experienced lawyers who help each side process their concerns while encouraging an understanding of multiple perspectives. During mediation the parties receive assistance from the mediator while a healthy communication session is facilitated. Having a neutral, third-party present is a huge advantage if you’re looking to have your concerns truly heard.

Control Your Decisions

There are no strict rules that govern the process of family mediation. The procedure is designed to give you control over the decisions you make and the agreements you come to. It is a flexible process and simply aims to lead parties to compromise. Mediation allows couples to work through their disputes together. Resolving conflicts keeps them from escalating and in turn allows individuals to protect themselves and the rest of their family. As long as the parties are present and willing to cooperate, be respectful and honest, agreements can be found.

Avoid Litigation

Going to court will often help couples settle disputes, although it is a more costly and time consuming option than family mediation. Oftentimes litigation creates more tension and conflict between parties. Usually, one side will not get the ability to have their concerns heard nor will they have time to come to a proper agreement. Taking the time and putting in the effort to go through mediation provides the possibility of compromise. When both parties equally respect each other and their own perspectives and opinions, they better the situation for themselves, their children and other family members.

Family mediation has many advantages for parties who are willing to agree with each other. Having a neutral, confidential setting where open communication is encouraged and facilitated can be a great way to settle disputes for many.

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