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Social media has changed the way we operate in a multitude of ways. Bringing us a new approach to communication and forming relationships, helping us find valuable sources of information and discovering creative outlets are just some examples. Although it is a channel for many positive and innovative ways to stay connected, many of us have come to rely on it in a way that can be very stressful on our health. In some instances social media can become addictive and harmful to us, impeding on our relationships. In this article we share insight on why you may be blaming your marital issues on social media and what you can do about it.

1. Lack Of Balance

Having any balanced relationship relies on two individuals making time to understand each other’s needs and working together to fulfill them. Balance does not mean your marriage will be perfect. It means that when there is hardship, you have the emotional tools to mend the issue with your partner. Unfortunately, unhealthy use of social media can create a lack of stability in your marriage and it is important to look out for how this may be happening.

It is true that within our social culture, staying connected is important. For many of us, we view our social platforms as being free and always available. No one is managing our usage, like we often do with kids, so the way we make use of social media is entirely up to us. Abusing this freedom makes it difficult to create space for the other important parts of our days and can be damaging to our sense of time. Getting to a point where your relationship is balanced can be a difficult journey that takes willingness. If you or your spouse are struggling to control your social media use, try following these tips:

          • Redefine what social media means to you
          • Have a conversation about you and your partner’s needs
          • Work on your ability to have self control
          • Outline your goals and make active changes in your social media routine to achieve them

2. Increased Insecurity

Our capacity for viewing images on a daily basis has increased since visual advertisements began taking over every space around us. Usually, their purpose is to be relatable so that we can perceive products and services as parts of our lives. The same exchange happens when we overuse our favourite social platforms. Insecurity can form when we compare our lives to those we see online. Whether it’s our close friends or distant celebrities, what we are presented with is filtered and usually not real life. Constant comparison can negatively affect the way you perceive your own marriage. It is common to become jealous of other relationships when they appear to be perfect. Don’t forget that a strong marriage takes learning from both your good and bad moments.

When an individual is insecure about themselves, they lack the ability to find security in other parts of their life. They may become anxious about their relationship, their own confidence and current situation in comparison to those they see online. Unfortunately, social media is the perfect place to put on a mask and escape from reality, which is why we see an increase in it leading to infidelity.

3. What You Can Do

If you can tell that social media is negatively affecting your marriage, the first step is to have a conversation with your spouse about it. If this is a particularly difficult step, look into the advantages of meditation and consider how it can help. Otherwise, here are some ways you can begin tackling the problem:

        • Outline what you and your spouse are comfortable with and set boundaries
        • Try taking a social media break and come back when you feel ready
        • Focus on healthy self love routines rather than comparison
        • Tackle any underlying issues you may have with a professional (such as stress or depression)
        • Find ways to prioritize your time and limit procrastination

It is important to remember that although social media can often have negative effects on a relationship, it usually isn’t the entire reason for it’s downfall. If you’re experiencing troubles with your marriage, be open to taking a look at everything that is involved, because there are many factors that can result in a breakdown. Notice if either you or your partner are using it as a crutch for anxiety or other issues and try to tackle those first. The goal is to set boundaries, find balance, and to be more present with each other rather than online.


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