We have all experienced how the global pandemic has forced most industries to change the way they operate. The changes might have affected your own workplace or the businesses that you rely on. Turning to technology becomes more typical each day, but for many it is still far from natural. Up until now, technology has been used as a fantastic communication tool, helping companies and professionals build social presence online and connect to their clients. Although many businesses have already incorporated tech into their routines, not all industries have adopted the same approach. Virtual divorce proceedings have given the justice system the ability to combat the struggles of the past year. 

After Ontario’s courts halted operations last year, the justice system was forced to adapt and take on virtual divorce proceedings. As a result, many concerns arose regarding whether the transition would still be effective for participants in court, arbitration and mediation sessions. Managing technical difficulties during proceedings takes up a lot of time and access to proper equipment varies depending on the individual. In this article we go over tips that will be helpful during your virtual appearance. Keep reading to learn about ways you can prepare and find confidence during your proceeding.

Setting Up

If you don’t have much tech experience you might be feeling stressed about the virtual process. There are a few steps you can take to make sure you are well prepped and ready for when the hearing date comes. It is important to test your set up a day before you appear to make sure you run into as few problems as possible. Details such as paying attention to having proper lighting can make a big difference. Try setting up your equipment in front of a window so that natural light can hit you from the front and never from behind. Using a headset is recommended to reduce background noise. Don’t forget to have all of your materials ready in designated folders that will be easy to find on the spot.

Here are some further things to remember:

  • Make sure your equipment is charged
  • Test your webcam beforehand
  • Close all unnecessary tabs on your computer
  • Check that your Wi-Fi connection is stable

Finding Confidence

Going through divorce can prove to be a time of great confusion and difficulty for many. Finding motivation, strength and confidence may not come as easily as it did at a simpler time. When you are going through a period of grief, remember to give yourself time to focus on your mental wellbeing and practice self care. This will allow you to return to a positive headspace as soon as possible and bring confidence to your virtual proceeding.

Here are some further tips:

  • Getting into the right mindset before hand will allow you to exude professionalism and confidence
  • Focus on the judge whenever you can to pick up on cues as body language is harder to read virtually
  • Speak strongly as it may be difficult to cut through virtual audio quality
  • Practice in front of the camera

Hiring A Specialist

If you are looking to advance the quality of your virtual proceeding you may want to consider virtual proceeding services. Specialists are available to help you achieve a high quality set up with as few audio and visual problems as possible. They will provide advanced equipment and arrange the most suitable set up leading you to be professionally prepared.

At Hussain Law

At Hussain Law we are conducting consultations and court attendance virtually. Prior to court attendance we prepare our client so they know what to expect and can attend with confidence.

At Hussain Law we focus on helping our clients navigate the emotional and financial challenges of separation and divorce. Our office remains fully operational, and we have implemented various new procedures that allow us to continue to advise clients seamlessly during this time. If you have a family law issue that you need assistance with, please contact Ayesha Hussain at 647-428-3919.

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